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Proteas de la Sabana

Leucadendron Family

This family of Proteas is one of the main varieties grown worldwide, especially in countries like South Africa, Australia and countries of South America. There is diversity of crop species for different climates.

Colombia has many competitive advantages for production and marketing, the variety of climates and fertile lands allow obtaining crops throughout the year with excellent quality and durability, thanks to these determining factors, Colombia is preparing to be one of the PROTEAS largest marketers in the world.


Safari Sunset

Proteas de la Sabana, PRODESAB, began growing this variety of Leucadendron Family, at present there are 90,000 plants in production stage; this kind of variety is characterized by its high production, their long stems between 40 centimeters and 1.20 meters long and intense red color. A great advantage of this variety of Protea is its durability, which can be between 30 and 60 days vase. Its cultivation is in the farms "El Recuerdo", "San Isidro" and "El Mirador".

Gold Strike

Over 5,000 white ivory yellow plants highlight "San Isidro" farm. Its resistance to frost and winds of the Bogotá Savanna makes it a strong flower and over 1.80 meters in length, its large green foliage make it ideal to decorate flower arrangements.

“Availability for Q3 2015.”



This variety has much similarity with the Safari Sunset, exhibits a red and green outline and its height can reach up to 1.50 meters in length. Its cultivation is developed at the "Mirador" farm with a little over 20,000 plants.

“Availability for Q3 2016”

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