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PROTEAS DE LA SABANA with its acronym PRODESAB is a Colombian company dedicated to growing different varieties of Proteas. Founded in 2010 and strategically located between the municipalities of Sibaté and Granada, Cundinamarca at a height of 2,800 meters above sea level and just 40 minutes from Bogota Colombia.

Currently, PROTEAS DE LA SABANA, counts on over 11 hectares in 3 different crops and more than 130,000 ornamental plants belonging to the Leucadendron family in the varieties Safari Sunset, Gold Strike y Jester originating from South Africa, Australia and South America. Our main competitive advantage with other countries lies in the continuous production of Proteas in all seasons, thus having an ideal climate for production and marketing.

PROTEAS DE LA SABANA expects to be one of the largest companies of PROTEAS in Colombia covering the national and international market with a product of the highest quality to ensure our customer satisfaction.


PROTEAS DE LA SABANA S.A.S is a company dedicated to the growing and marketing of ornamental PROTEAS, counts on an optimal technology and the best talent to provide our domestic and international customers, excellence and quality in our products and services, keeping the balance with the environment and contributing to the development of the region where we operate, in order to reach our goal of expansion and business growth creating value for our shareholders.


For 2018 PROTEAS DE LA SABANA will be a major worldwide companies to produce and market Proteas, recognized for providing products and services with high quality standards and commitment to interest groups for sustainable development of the region



With our customers by giving them quality services, with the families of our staff providing the required support and the environment by providing better management of resources to meet and comply with standards established for the common good of society.


With what we say and what we do to achieve our business objectives.


Between what we commit with our client and what we make as work


To build on the proactive and participatory difference, without the rule of some criteria over others.


To recognize our weaknesses, qualities and abilities and use them to achieve a continuous improvement to benefit the company and our employees.

Encouraging the development of the region
Proteas de la Sabana